Neovers.com is a free online game site created and designed by an independent flash gamer/art director in San Francisco, California. Unique styles and concepts create a platform for the development of these surreal and symbolic flash games. Social commentary, personal challenges, and complexities of the sub-conscious mind (human and alien) are explored through the various levels and adventures in each game.

Neovers, a new universe outside of our own mentalities, is open to explorers, gamers, artists, students, and workers looking for a new discovery or a distraction from their everyday life. Relax, open your mind, and experience the Neovers. You are free to visit anytime.

Watch for updates to our blog, downloads, and games. Like us on Facebook and find us on Twitter for a different way to learn about our world. The internet is now a portal to the Neovers.

plague doctor

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